Philosophy Salon

Since 2019, the Villa 102 is host to the Philosophy Salon, a thinking space and philosophical forum by the Culture Department of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt. The Philosophy Salon is intended as a space for philosophical thought and discussions. It tackles a range of universal and topical themes beyond the world of academic discourse and acts as a stimulus for intellectual life in Frankfurt. Leon Joskowitz welcomes guest speakers from various fields, including philosophy, literature and natural sciences, to talk about key topics of social importance, and to challenge and debate them. In this way, the Jewish history of Villa 102 - former home of the Sondheimer family - is taken into consideration. Find out more about the history of the monument here.

All information about upcoming guests and dates, as well as registration, can be found on the website of the Jewish Community Frankfurt.


21 February 2023

German Politics and Media Landscape in Transition
Deniz Yücel and Tanya Maljarchuk in conversation with Nikolai Klimeniouk 

24 February 2023 marks the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which led to the start of the devastating war of aggression. From the very beginning, the war has been accompanied by numerous debates in German society. It is about humanitarian aid, sanctions, arms deliveries, a fundamental stance and finding a way to deal with a precedent that was no longer thought possible in Europe. Western values have to be renegotiated; militancy and pacifism are put to the test. In the Salon of the Jewish Community, writer Tanya Maljarchuk, journalist and founder of PEN-Berlin Deniz Yücel in conversation with Nikolai Klimeniouk, expert on the politics of Russia and Ukraine, review the first year of war and consider the attitude of German politics and media in the changing events.

The event will be held in German. 



29 June 2023

More information about the guests and topic will be announced shortly.



Image Credits

Photographs from the Philosophy Salon 2019, Photographer: Michael Faust


Date: Tue, 21. Feb 2023, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: 21. February - 29. June 2023

Location: Villa 102 Bockenheimer Landstraße 102, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

Registration via the website of the Jewish Community Frankfurt is required.

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