Seniorpartner in School - Seniors helping pupils

The association Seniorpartner in School e.V. brings together pupils and mediators aged 55 or more across Germany to help them resolve conflicts in school without violence. 

The arrival of refugee children in schools has increased the need for social and intercultural integration skills aimed at avoiding conflicts. KfW Stiftung supported the targeted training of school mediators in intercultural communication and integration at its three offices in Berlin, Bonn and Frankfurt in 2016. Fostering exchange between different generations, empathy as well as emotional and social resilience in intercultural situations prepares all young people for comprehensive integration in society in the long run.


Programme Management

Pia Puljanic

Photo credits:

02. Image: QSource: Akademie Schloss Solitude, Author / Photographer: Frank Kleinbach
01. Image: Source: Seniorpartner in School, Author / Photographer: Bilderprofi Zabel